Dialogue and Action for Change

Fostering a culture of dialogue and action for change in African research

To act as an effective catalyst for change, Future Africa aims to stimulate bold ideas and disruptive thinking on how research can make a meaningful difference to real world problems. This objective is not only embedded in all the work we do, but is also more formally enshrined in the Future Africa Dialogue Series, which brings key stakeholders in the scientific community together to discuss and debate changes needed in global science systems

Future Africa Literacy Incubator


The Future Africa Futures Literacy Incubator is a new centre that is dedicated to: 1) understanding how being prepared for the future plays a role in driving innovation and embracing complexity, and 2) designing processes that use collective intelligence to create knowledge and make sense of complex emergent reality. This, in turn, leads to more innovative and resilient approaches as we seek to turn human aspirations into reality.

Africa Week

Africa Week is the University of Pretoria’s biennial science leadership event. It’s taking place in May this year in strategic partnership with South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation and the National Research Foundation. At this event, we will convene the leadership of prominent African and global scientific networks and international, transdisciplinary initiatives, plus host a series of topical dialogues on the theme ‘Open Africa, Open Science’.

Future Africa Dialogue Series

Our Impact Dialogue Series is a series that is intended to stimulate bold thinking and debate on important issues that affect African science. The series is open to all – the general public, students, lecturers, researchers, policy makers, and so on. The goal is to have an open, informed conversation about some of the more pressing issues we face as a world today. So far, we have held seminars on Futures Literacy in Africa, lessons from the Open Science movement in Europe, as well as mis- and dis-information on social media.