The stunning Future Africa auditorium can host 220 guests and has been designed to provide a modern environment and atmosphere capable of fostering interaction.


Break-away rooms

A suite of 6 break-away rooms perfect for brainstorming and discussions in smaller groups overlooks the auditorium. Each break- away room is suitable for a group of 10-12 guests.


Conference Room 1 and 2

Future Africa offers two conference rooms with a capacity for 50 guests each. These rooms are well equipped with large windows to create an outdoor-feeling space. 


Research Commons

The breathtaking Research Commons includes 6 meeting rooms with varying capacities of between 6-18 guests. The beautiful gardens surrounding this building are in full view of meeting rooms through the large glass panels.


Dining Hall

The fully equipped dining hall includes 3 private dining or meeting spaces that can host 18 guests each. These flexible spaces can be undivided into a large room with a capacity for 50 guests.