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Dr Abiodun Olusola Omotayo is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Indigenous Knowledge System Department/Food Security and Safety Niche Area, North-West University, South Africa. He is an international academic with passion towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development goals. He had his PhD. in Agricultural Economics from the North West University, South Africa. His area of specialization is food security, climate change, environmental, health and welfare economics with publications. Dr A.O Omotayo have more than ten years of professional expertise in the field of life sciences, he is both research and practically experienced agricultural professional. He has passion for innovation and development of sustainable agriculture in Africa and the world at large.

Fields Of Expertise

Agricultural Economics
Welfare,Environmental and health Economic
Econometric and Food Security

Research Profiles

My Contribution to Science and its Impact on Society

I have made immense contributions to advance science and the society since I started my agricultural production and research career. My PhD thesis among other scientific contributions was focused on the economics of farming households’ food intake, nutrition and health in some selected rural areas of Nigeria which came up with pertinent policy recommendations with couple of peer reviewed publications. I have a good h-index, reads, citations and actively participate in scholarly research platforms such as research gate, Google scholar etc. I have almost 30 publications from the DHET list of peer reviewed accredited journals as single author as well as collaborative research with scholars from various South African Institutions (NWU,UNISA, MUT et.c) as well as other nations such as Nigeria, Hungary, Italy, Ghana etc. I have participated in several local and international conferences in the past few years. I also belong to some South African professional bodies such as The Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA), South African Society for Agricultural Extension (SASAE), South Africa) and other Professional bodies such as Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA), United State of America, African Association of Agricultural Economics (AAAE), Ethiopia, Nigeria Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE), Nigeria etc. I am a reviewer in some peer review journals such as Food Security springer, The Journal of developing area etc. I have contributed voluntarily and added value to couple of organisations such as the Millennium developmental goals, charity organizations, government secondary schools etc. I have leadership training and experience in spiritual, academic and conventional organizations. I have engaged in various community engagement activities under the auspices of Ngunni cattle rearing with peer-reviewed publications. At present, I am an active community engagement researcher and collaborator with Mangosuthu University of Technology – Institute for Rural Development and Community Engagement, Durban, South Africa in various community engagement activities and course module preparation on farm record keeping and conflict management as well as carrying out data sorting, data analysis interpretation of results of research on climate change and food security linkage in South Africa. My present research focus is in line with the South African rural community developmental goals, which will be achieved from the experience and knowledge, have experienced in my previous researches in South Africa and beyond.