Dr Ahmed Oloyo Oloyo

Dr Ahmed Oloyo Oloyo


University of Lagos


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Work and Research

I am interested in the pathophysiology of, and therapeutics for non-communicable chronic diseases (NCCDs) specifically cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Presently, my research focuses on the mechanism(s) underlying fetal programming of salt-sensitive hypertension. Using different animal models of salt-sensitive hypertension, I sought to investigate the mechanisms by which perinatal exposure of pregnant females to a high salt diet causes hypertension in the adult offspring later in life. I am also interested in the cellular therapy for NCCDs (cancer and cardiovascular diseases) Presently, I am working on optimizing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from dental pulp and umbilical cord for clinical application

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular and Cellulay Cardiovacsular Physiology
Cellular Therapy and Stem cell