Dr Mohamed El Zayat

Dr Mohamed  El Zayat


Cairo University

Integrated Engineering Design Management

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Work and Research

Dr. Zayat earned his Ph.D. with a specialization in Environmental Engineering from the American University in Cairo. He has been awarded by the AUC for his academic achievements as well as the Environment and Water Resource Institute (EWRI) of ASCE as a visiting international fellow. Dr. Zayat is also a reviewer at Natural Science Journal and Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, and a board member of Austin Chemical Engineering Journal. Currently he is the managing director of Integral Sustainable Services, and a Lecturer at Cairo University. Dr. Zayat is a GSAS Certified Green Professional and LEED GA. Zayat is also a member in EWRI, accredited Environmental Specialist from the EEAA, and a member of the green building committee of Housing & Building National Research Center.

Fields Of Expertise

Environmental Engineering

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

Over  the  past  10  years,  I  had  engaged  in  many  research and  scientific  projects  through  my  post graduate  studies  and with  my institution  in  addition  of  being  an  Environmental  Expert.I  have  been awarded  from  the  American  University  in  Cairo  as  well  as  the  Environment  and  Water  Resource Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for my academic achievements in the field  of  Environmental  Engineering.  I  have  published  many  researches  in  the  field  of  Environmental Engineering,  and  I  act  as  a  reviewer  in  several scientific  journals.  I  am  also  an  editorial  member  in Austin  Chemical  Engineering  Journal.  I participated in  a  funded  research  project for Global  Young  Academy  (GYA),  namely Solid  Waste  Management  and  Green  Economy. A  project  that aims at motivating and  assisting  governments  and  businesses  in  making  a  transition  to  the  green economy. I am also has been selected to be Africa Science Leadership Program (ASLP) fellow. I have been awarded a fund from the German Egypt Research Fund to conduct a project in “Innovative Combustion Technology with Adopted Exhaust Cleaning System for Thermal Treatment of Medical Waste in Egypt” in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP – Germany. In  addition  to  the  academic  achievements,  I  conducted  tens  of  Environmental  and  Social Impact  Assessments  that  have  an  impact  on  the  environment  and  society.  I  participated  in  many international conferences and workshops. I trained many employees to enhance their profession skills.