Dr Olawale Arogundade

Dr Olawale Arogundade


National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria

Fruits and Biotechnology

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Work and Research

My current work is focused on virus detection and diagnosis, and host-virus interaction, and, molecular approaches for characterization and control of viral diseases of horticultural crops. And so, I am adept of designing and implementing experimental procedures in discipline such as plant pathology, genetic screening for resistance, botanical and inorganic control of vector of plant viruses. I am skilled in a wide variety of experimental techniques, including ELISA, PCR/RT-PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Nucleotide sequence and Phylogenetic analysis using Bio-Edith, MEGA6, Expoiting the NCBI platform by blasting as well as others and am experience in both in-vitro and in-vivo experimentation.

Fields Of Expertise

Plant Virology
Molecular Biology