Dr Wondimagegne Mamo Mengistu

Dr Wondimagegne Mamo Mengistu


Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute

Materials Science

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Work and Research

Dr. Wondimagegne Mamo Mengistu has his MSc and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry From AAU, He is currently a senior Researcher and Director of the Materials Science Directorate at Emerging Technology Center in the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute. His research areas are mainly focused on developing advanced materials for different applications, energy storage and biofuel production. He has also a keen interest in research topics including natural products and medicinal plants with their application to food, construction materials and environment and sustainability aspects of future technologies. He was teaching for the last 20 years at Dilla University starting from Technical assistant to Assistant professor level, advising and teaching MSc students in Universities.

Fields Of Expertise

Energy Storage
Inorganic Chemistry