The Future Africa's Early Career Research Leader Fellowship (ECRLF) program of University of Pretoria supported by Carnegie Foundation of New York set out to offer an opportunity for development of research leaders that will be able to fill a critical gap in the African research capacity ecosystem.

The University of Pretoria and Makerere University have organized a virtual workshop designed to recognize the lifecycle of academics- from postgraduate students to established senior researchers under the theme: History meets Demography: A multidisciplinary workshop on resource contestations, mobility, citizenship and conflict in Uganda's Albertine region and beyond. Further, the workshop seeks to enhance the link among disciplines including history, demography and other disciplines, engage with scholars, practitioners in industry and non-governmental organizations, working in areas such as demographics, resource contestations, citizenship and conflict and promoting interaction between University of Pretoria researchers, Future Africa researchers and academic leaders at Makerere University.

Interested scholars and post graduate students whose research interests fit in the workshop objectives and themes are invited to submit their abstracts of between 200 and 500 words by August 31, 2021 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The workshop presentations are envisaged to result into an edited book to be published by Palgrave. For more information kindly contact Nicholas Tunanukye on Tel. +256772015755 and Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts August 31, 2021

Receiving of feedback September 8, 2021

submission of Power Point presentation or Recorded Presentation – September 10, 2021 Workshop themes

Theme 1: Governance, Security, Peace and Conflict

  1. Alternative Justice Systems in Africa -Traditional authorities
  2. Land, Special Courts and Small Claims Courts
  3. Camps, IDPs, Refugees, irregular and Forced Migration
  4. Migration and Mobility
  5. Identity and hybridity

Theme 2: Global Trends in Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research

  1. Interdisciplinary Research and Development
  2. Funding Interdisciplinary Research and Development
  3. University-Industry partnerships

Theme 3: Mining, Resource extraction and Policy frameworks

  1. Conflicts over oil production
  2. Policy framework for resource extraction
  3. Planning and Management of Strategic Natural Resources
  4. Social Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility

Theme 4: Education and Development

  1. Global Networks, Higher Education, Linkages, Research, Partnerships and Publishing
  2. Science, Industry, Technology and UNESCO projects in Education
  3. Private Education and Venture Capital
  4. Informal (Jua kali) sector and non-formal sector