Pretoria – Professor Tawana Kupe, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Pretoria (UP), has initiated an Artist in Residency Fellowship Programme to be based at the university's Future Africa Research Institute, with Dr Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang being appointed as the inaugural fellow.

In recognition of Nelson Mandela's dedication to the service of humanity, which includes the rights of children, information ethicist Rachel Fischer shed light on a collaborative initiative between the Future Africa institute and campus and UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund, in which she plays a crucial role.

The CLAB-Africa Project was conceived with by Future Africa Institute to provide a platform for Africa’s scientific community to contribute to the developmental works of African governments and development institutions. The nature of the Project’s contributions will be in the form of science-based actionable policy recommendations within the four identified clusters. These clusters are namely: (i) climate impact on food systems; (ii) land restoration and biodiversity; (iii) <people—animal—ecosystems> health and wellbeing; and (iv) land-water-energy resources uses.

Teach4Reach is an Africa-Uninet ( funded collaborative project awarded to the University of Pretoria, University of Vienna and the University of Innsbruck. Two University of Pretoria academics, Professor Irma Eloff and Dr Kgadi Mathabathe work collaboratively with Professor Evi Agostini (Universities of Vienna) and Dr Ann-Kathrin Dittrich (University of Innsbruck) are the principal investigators of theTeach4Reach project. Furthermore, Dr Kgadi Mathabathe is also the Head of Residence (HOR) at the Future Africa Research Institute, an initiative by the University of Pretoria to develop innovative transdisciplinary skills transfer programmes to address Africa's growth and development challenges and developing capacity for solution-based, interconnected and Pan-African research networks for innovation.

The main aim of the Future Africa - 1Hope series was to abet in building transdisciplinary research (TR) capacity of early career and Doctoral students in Africa. The series took place in November/December 2020 and in January 2021.

The Future Africa Research Institute, University of Pretoria Early Career Research Leader Fellowship (ECRLF) Conference: Promoting Multidisciplinary Research Approaches for Sustainable Development will be held on 6-8 July 2021.

RNPIA-2021 Organising Committee invites participants across the globe to attend its 1st International Conference on Reimagining the Natural Products Industry in Africa which is taking place during July 5th – 7th, 2021 at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.

As the first international Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2021) takes place with the purpose of discussing and defining sustainability research and what it comprises, Africa has an opportunity to deliberate on what sustainability science means for the continent.

South Africa has long been a leader on the African continent and around the globe for sustainability science and innovation as well as participatory approaches to action research.