Future Africa hosts a community of academics and fellows and will attract local, African and international scholars, representing a range of disciplines. It is also
home to a number of postgraduate students as well as postdoctoral and research fellows.

Through the development of a culture of transdisciplinary engagement and creative project design, Future Africa develops novel ideas and builds scientific capacity around them. We help shape a new generation of researchers and academics through mentorship and science leadership development programmes.

In providing a platform to promote the very best research and innovation, we believe that Future Africa will assist Africa to leap its current development trajectory in the technology and science sectors and nurture a new generation of world-class scholars on the continent.

In a world where ideas and technologies evolve rapidly and the challenges we face are multifaceted and transnational, Africa needs a new generation of original thinkers with international perspectives, yet with a scholarly vision and voice that is rooted in Africa. This is the Future Africa Community.

The Future Africa campus provides a dynamic living, learning and research environment where our scholars and other societal role players engages to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact. Here the continent’s brightest young geneticists, chemists, economists, lawyers, engineers, social scientists and other specialists work side by side in an environment that facilitates world-class creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Future Africa takes a future-oriented perspective on skills development for a new generation of transformation-minded science leaders in Africa to actively build networks between leaders of science across Africa and the rest of the world, and develop interdisciplinary and multinational research teams who, together with societal
structures beyond academia, engages in impactful and responsible research to find innovative solutions to complex problems in Africa.