Dr Abebayehu Messele Mekonnen

Dr Abebayehu Messele Mekonnen


Addis Ababa University

Department of Linguistics

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Work and Research

I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics, Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopia. I have had about a decade of teaching and research experiences in General Linguistics and Clinical Linguistics. Over the years, I have also accumulated a solid research foundation that helps me ensure my future success as a scientist. In 2006, I took part in a linguistic research project in Southern Ethiopia, lead by a senior member of the Department. In 2007-8, I lead a project on the preparation and digitization of a dictionary of the Gedeo language, a Cushitic languages spoken in the Southern Ethiopia. In 2008, I started being interested in children’s speech development and atypical speech and language production and perception.

Fields Of Expertise

Language enrichment
Communication disabilities

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I have been vigorously participating in academic leadership in several ways. For instance, currently, I am the coordinator of the undergraduate programme of the Department, member of the Department’s Academic Committee (DAC), and the Academic Commission (AC) of the college, which is the highest decision making body of the college. These are important academic leadership positions, which have enabled me to contribute a lot towards academic excellence. Also, there is an ongoing process at my Department/College to develop a Young Research Leadership Program in Ethiopia, which is envisaged along the lines of the African Science Leadership programme (ASLP). I am part of the team of young scholars, who are working on this project to replicate ASLP in Ethiopia/East Africa. As part of this venture, this team, lead by Dr. Binyam Sisay, who is alumni of ASLP, organized and run a planning meeting in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, in July 2016, which was also attended by Prof. Bernard Slippers, the Director of ASLP. My participation in the ASLP will therefore be a significant milestone in our vision to develop this leadership program along the same line, which is one of the most important visions of the ASLP program. I also believe that participating in the ASLP will help me further build my capacity as a young academic and researcher to conduct innovative research and lead collaborative and transdisciplinary projects, which focus on the challenges of my country/region and the global community.