Dr Alice Matimba

Dr Alice Matimba


Univeristy of Zimbabwe

Clinical Phamacology

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Work and Research

I completed by PhD and postdoctoral studies focused on understanding individual and population variability in disease susceptibility and response to treatment due to inherited genetic markers. I have established bioresources –biobank and pharmacogenomics database of African populations. I have also succeed ed in publishing my research work in peer-­reviewed journals and presented at national, regional and international conferences and workshops. I also attended the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting in 2014 where presented on leadership at the Mckinsey Company breakfast panel, presenting challenges faced by young researchers in Africa.

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this ha

I am currently leading the development of resources for diabetes education and research, having also contributed to Zimbabwe Television Weekend Health Show. The work includes translation of educational pamphlets and booklets into the local languages for use by diabetic patients and their caregivers. This work is being conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Zimbabwe Diabetic Association where I served as an executive member and led the initiation of the research and intervention activities. I currently supervise and mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students in research projects in genomic sciences and pharmacology, as well as motivate them to consider science as a career. As a full-time lecturer, I use my science and research background to stimulate interest among students in health professional education.