Dr Constance Awinpoka Akurugu

Dr Constance Awinpoka Akurugu


Simon Diedong University of Business and Integrated Development Studies

Department of Community Development

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Work and Research

I am a lecturer in sociology and gender studies. I obtained Ph.D. in Sociology from Newcastle University in the UK. My research interests include transnational feminist discourses and women’s empowerment praxis. I focus on the cultural translation of theory and decoloniality. In terms of empirical research, I am an ethnographer and focus on gendered power relations more broadly. Specifically, I am interested in gender justice research and advocacy, gender-based violence, and gendered cultural practices in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa. I also research the mystical world of the ethnicities in northern Ghana.

Fields Of Expertise

Gender-based violence, Women's empowerment, Gender Studies, Ethnography
Feminist ethnography, anthropology of ontologies