Dr Dalia Saad

Dr Dalia  Saad


University of South Africa

Gender Studies

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Work and Research

I am a trained Environmental Chemist with special interest in integrating sociological and gender dimension into research on water management and environmental challenges. After working in the technical aspects of water research as an Environmental Chemist for many years, I realized that my contribution to science/knowledge will always be irrelevant unless I understand science in the context of societal issues “I just believe that as a scientist, I need to be more creative, define my role, and broaden the scope of my contribution to serve our communities widely. Having this understanding, I decided to branch off into other realms “shifting from the pure technical work to more interactive type of research” by addressing the Environmental challenges in a different way.

Fields Of Expertise

Environmental Chemistry
Social Integration
Gender Science

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I am very  passionate  about  science  and  about  advancing  science.  I am involved  in  different programs  that  advocate  for  science  through  the  Organization  for Women  in  Science  in Developing countries (OWSD), I am an executive committee member of South Africa national chapter and I founded Sudan national chapter in coordination with OWSD international in 2015. My vision is to use this chapter  as  a  channel  to  contribute  to  the  advancement  of  women  in science and technology in Sudan, bringing together like-minded women scientists to work for science. The chapter organizes capacity building workshops and seminars and provides mentors for young  women  scientists  and  also  advocate  to  encourage  young  girls to  pursue  a  scientific career, for this they target high schools. This year, the newly established chapter was able to nominate a member for the organization executive board, the nominated Sudanese women is now the vice president (elections was held at the general assembly in Kuwait May 2016). This is the first time ever that Sudan held this position. However, as I am a resident of South Africa, I am  involved  more  actively  in  OWSD  activities  in SA,  we  organize  capacity  building  workshops for OWSD awardees who study in South African universities, we also have mentoring programs and other activities that encourage young girls to take science subjects and also support women scientists at different career levels. On  other  hands,  within  my  area  of  expertise,  I  chose  to  avoid  abstract  science,  instead addressing the  societal  issues  within  my  area of research  as  to have  more  impactful  research with  evidence  based  knowledge  that  better  serve  our  communities  “I  believe that  the knowledge needs to be extended beyond the confines of the university campus; the society is the laboratory” I believe that technological innovation needs to serve a broader vision and is not an aim in itself.