Dr Daniel Orwenjo

Dr Daniel  Orwenjo


The Technical University of Kenya

Language and Communication Studies

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Work and Research

Dr. Daniel Ochieng Orwenjo holds a PhD (Magna cum Laude) in African Linguistics from the University of Frankfurt in Germany. His doctoral research focused on the “Lexical Innovations in Child Language Acquisition”, focusing on Dholuo speaking children.Before his doctoral studies in 2004, Dr. Orwenjo was involved in The East African LiteracyNorms Project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation as a Principal Researcher. The project entailed conducting a baseline survey of East African lower primary schools and resulted in an inventory of the literacy norms of the pupils in these schools. During his doctoral research, Dr. Orwenjo was a research consultant for the European Council.

Fields Of Expertise

Applied Linguistics

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

I have  made  both  practical  and  academic  contributions  that  have  advanced  research  and impacted on the society. Academically, I have churned out a total of 25 publications to date, comprising  of  five edited  books,  two  single  authored  books,  four  poems  published  in  an anthology,  two  CDs,  six  book  chapters  and  six  papers  in  peer  reviewed  journals.  At  the practical level, my engagement with the European Council for Refugees had a direct impact on the  fate  of  refugee  applicants,  while  the  my  research  with  literacy  norms  project  directly  on the  livelihoods  of  primary  school  going  children  in  east  Africa.  As  a  lead  consultant  in  the ORELT project by the Commonwealth of Learning directly impacted on accessibility and equity in learning English in Kenyan secondary schools by making available free, and open resources for use in teaching and learning of English in poor, disadvantaged rural schools.