Dr Devina Lobine

Dr Devina Lobine


University of Mauritius

Department of Health Sciences

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Work and Research

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural Biotechnology, following which I had secured the Tertiary Education Commission Postgraduate Scholarship, Commonwealth Split-Site PhD fellowship and Durham University BSI 1+1 fellowship to read for my MPhil/PhD in close collaboration between the University of Mauritius (UOM), Durham University (UK) and University of Pretoria (South Africa). My doctoral research project consisted of multidisciplinary approaches (biodiversity conservation, molecular biology, phylogenetics, pharmacology and metabolomics) to study the medicinal Mascarene Aloes. I am currently registered as post-doctoral fellow at the University of Mauritius, investigating 'Herbal phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors as therapeutics for managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD)'.

Fields Of Expertise

Molecular Biology, Phylogenetic Analysis, Plant tissue culture and conservation
Phytochemistry, Pharmacology