Dr Dickson Wilson Lwetoijera

Dr Dickson Wilson Lwetoijera


Ifakara Health Institute

Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences

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Work and Research

Dr Dickson Lwetoijera's research interest focuses on alternative vector control tools with the potential to target mosquitoes outdoors. Specifically, he is focused on autodissemination techniques, genetic-based technologies for mosquito control, innovative solutions for malaria control through house improvement; design surveillance and control platform managing arboviruses, and malaria-transmitting Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes in urban settings. Most importantly, he aspires to establish local and international collaboration around these research themes with the potential to foster his career growth and catalyse the generation of data-driven solutions, building local research capacity and supporting its integration into national vector control efforts.

Fields Of Expertise

Medical Entomology
Environmental ecology
Postgraduate training