Dr Elias Matinde

Dr Elias Matinde

South Africa

WITS University

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I am a professional engineer with two and a half years of senior management experience leading scientific and applied R&D teams in metallurgical research and new product development . I am a co-author of a specialist textbook on the production and valorization of metallurgical and industrial wastes in metal extraction industry, first author of four peer reviewed journal papers, first author of a process-based patent, and principal researcher for two industrial consultancy papers. I have managed to build extensive collaborations with other experts in South Africa and across the globe. My research interests include the design of high temperature metallurgical processes, selection and design of refractory materials and development of sustainable metal extraction processes.

Fields Of Expertise

Sustainable minerals and metals extraction
Scientific, industrial and applied R&D and metallurgical advisory

Research Profiles

My vision for the future of research in Africa and how I will contribute to this development

The future of science lies in the nurturing of confident multi-disciplinary scientists who can tackle the present challenges and emerging frontiers of science. Scientific innovations generate the requisite skills and knowledge needed to industrialize the local economy. Green and urban mining practices will also play a key role in the future in order to alleviate the depletion of natural resources. In this regard, my vision and thrust is to champion the development of frontiers of science to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities in the metals extraction and manufacturing industries in order to alleviate the heavy reliance on natural resources through the deployment of cost-competitive but environmentally friendly processes and products. In the long run, I envisage science playing a critical role in solving complex societal and business problems through the reduction to practice of locally developed innovative solutions.