Dr Fritz Ikome Ngale Lyonga

Dr Fritz Ikome Ngale Lyonga


University of Buea

Science of Education

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Work and Research

My research focus is on entrepreneurship education and making our school leavers more useful and productive to their society. So i am researching on how entrepreneurship can be taught in schools at all levels. I am of the opinion that introducing certain important life skills at the University levels is some how late. Any way my previous papers have as title: Introduction of Entrepreneurship Education in Secondary Schools in Cameroon. And Family background and self-employment levels of undergraduate students in the University of Buea. I also headed the committee that designed the structure for a primary and secondary school for the Faculty of Education and University of Buea at large. when i was recruited that was my first innovation i proposed to the dean of the faculty of Education and immediately the idea was welcomed and i was made to head the structure committee. This has created more jobs in the faculty and it is absorbing the students of the faculty and it acts as a laboratory for education students in the University of Buea.

Fields Of Expertise

Educational Administration