Dr George Ayodo

Dr George Ayodo


Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

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Work and Research

I am teaching at a university in Kenya and also involved in active research in collaboration with researchers at Harvard Medical School, Indiana University, University of California etc. As a PhD candidate and visiting graduate student at Harvard Medical School, the output of my work was the development a method for identifying genes associated with malaria infections . On completion, I joined a malaria research project as a project manager and post-doctoral fellow at the Kenya Medical Research Institute in collaboration with University of Minnesota. I am a Fogarty Global Health fellow 2014-2015 and I am currently a Co-PI in the following studies: malaria and HIV coinfections, genetics of malaria transmission.

Fields Of Expertise

Malaria transmission
Public health care for the hearing impaired

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

At an earlier stage of career as a scientist, I was keen in advancing science by exploiting natural selection (differential exposure to malaria infection) to identify malaria resistance genes. This work was my first research publication (Journal of Human Genetics in 2007). I  have continued to work with the same collaborators to understand how natural selection  can be exploited to improve human health. The work has been published in the top best journals such as Nature 2014, 2016; Science 2015 etc). Knowing that research agenda in  Africa needs more attention to killer diseases, I have devoted my attention to malaria  infections and right now, we are working on implementation research focussed on elimination of malaria in unstable transmission areas. This will have huge impact in the society. The effort involves research collaborations, effective network, capacity building and engagement of key stakeholders. This is a model that may serve other research ventures. On the field of innovations, we are developing a termite harvester that will enable small  scale farmers to feed their poultry and hence improve their economy and food security.