Dr Gilbert Abiiro

Dr Gilbert  Abiiro


University for Development Studies

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Work and Research

I have within the past five years, committed myself to rigorous scientific research, teaching and supervision of student theses, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My research interest has been in Health Policy and Systems Research in sub-Saharan Africa. I have, therefore, successfully led or participated in a number of research projects relating to Health Policy and Systems Research topics such as universal health coverage, social health protection, maternal health, and health insurance reforms in sub-Saharan Africa.

Fields Of Expertise

Public Health

Research Profiles

My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I have  over  the  past  five  years,  conducted  scientific  research  into  emerging  public  health issues  within  the  African context and  have  translated  my  research  findings  into  seven scientific  publications.  I did  this  with  the  aim  of  advancing  science and contributing  to finding  solutions  to  social  problems  in  Africa.  I  have  also  contributed  and  continue  to contribute  to  teaching mixed  methods  research  approaches  in  public  health,  qualitative research   methods, and   research   methods   for development   planners, at   both   the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  I am also currently serving as the academic quality assurance officer of my Department and hence responsible for ensuring rigor in the conduct of scientific research in my Department. Still in my effort to advance science, I have participated in a number of  scientific  conferences  where  I  contributed  to  the  scientific discourse  through  presentations  and  discussions.  I was selected as  an  emerging  voice  for global health research in 2012 and hence participated in a two-week training programme in scientific  writing  and  communication,  in China, prior  to  the  Second Global  Symposiumon Health Systems Research. I am currently a peer reviewer for over ten renowned international journals and a member of four scientific research societies across the globe.