Dr Ismaila Emahi Emahi

Dr Ismaila Emahi Emahi


University of Energy and Natural Resources

Department of Chemical Sciences

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Work and Research

My research career actually started in 2016 during masters degree studies in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Gloucestershire, UK where I researched on environmental quality, stakeholder perceptions, and sustainable solutions to various water pollution problems. This work led to the publication of a manuscript entitled “Investigating Sewage Pollution in Watercourses – The Case of Ruscombe Brook in the UK”, which is currently available on major online bookstores, including amazon.com. Between 2010 and 2015, I conducted research towards my PhD degree at Saint Louis University (SLU), USA. My research at SLU was aimed at identifying DNA aptamers for redox cofactors and investigating their use as biocatalysts in biofuel cells.

Fields Of Expertise

Bioelectrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science