Dr Lydia Aziato

Dr Lydia Aziato


University of Ghana

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My active research career started with my Masters’ research on breast cancer that explored the experiences of women with their breast removed as a result of breast cancer. The study generated two publications in peer-reviewed journals (one local and one international). I then became involved with the activities of a breast cancer support group in Ghana as a form of community service. I translated the findings into education during meetings as well as educated health professionals during seminars on breast cancer. Also, my PhD research was on post-operative pain and this research was the first of its kind that developed a clinical guideline for post-operative pain management within a resource limited clinical environment.

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My contributions to science and the impact this has had on society

I have contributed to a large extent in the development of qualitaive research in the University of Ghana and the nursing fraternity. I have taught qualitative research at various levels including the doctoral level. It is noted that this approach to research has not received much attention in Africa. Therefore, adequate mentorship is needed to use this research approach effectively. Thus, some PhD students are currently attached to me for experiential learning to enable them acquire the right skills for qualitaive research. The qualitative approach to research helps to gain in-depth understanding of lived expereinces. Also, I have three PhD students and over 10 Masters students at various levels of their qualitative research. My research output so far has relevance for clinical care especially in the area of pain management and cancer care. Although qualitative research does not employ large sample sizes, the small sample size used in qualiative research has relevance for similar context. However, I have not systematically accessed the impact of my research so far.