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Ever since I got appointed as a teaching assistant in the department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy in 2003, I had this vision of being able to leave a sound fingerprint in both research and teaching. I am currently supervising a large team of researchers (21 Masters and PhD theses), from different backgrounds, and conducting research in the field of drug delivery, novel delivery systems and nanotechnology with emphasis on their medical applications in several diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer. I am also a Biovision Nxt fellow, Daniel Turnberg fellow, GYA member and TWAS ARO young affiliate. I have also been selected as a 2017-2019 Next Einstein Forum Fellow.

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Believing that  teaching  undergraduate  pharmacy  students  (possible  scientists  to  be) is  as important  as  research,  I  lectured in  a workshop  for  assistance  of  students  in  applying  for scholarships  and  exchange  travel  grants,  and  also supervised  undergraduate  students'  research activity submitted for the "Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities ACTSAU", to  implement  the  concept  of  research  in  interested  candidates. I  have  also  been  selected  to attend  an  educational  institute  on  responsible  science,  organized  and  funded  by  the  national academy  of  sciences,  from  which  I  gained  knowledge  on  how  to  use  active  pedagogical methods  for  teaching  responsible  science;  a  strategy  that  I  have  started  to  communicate  to  my undergraduate and postgraduate students. After attending the institute I was awarded a grant by the  National  Academy  of  Sciences  to  teach  responsible  science  for  undergraduate  students.  I have also made an outreach to a governmental hospital to extend help in solving their problems, and  indeed  after  working  with  a  team  of  willing  candidates,  we  were  able  to  develop antihypertensive  formulations  for  children  who  were  on  kidney  dialysis,  as  these  formulations are not normally available in the market except foradults. Furthermore, I have actively engaged myself  in  research  activities,  with  the  aim  of  raising  the  rank  of  my  home  institution  by publishing  in  high  impact  factor  and  citable  international  journals.  I  am  constantly  conducting meetings with the scholars that  I supervise to discuss the problems that they have encountered and  suggest  solutions  for  them.  In addition, trying to bridge the gap between academia and the public, I was hosted in a television program to communicate what we are  doing  in  research  and  how  it  can  benefit  the  public.  I  also participate in the annual "cultural  season"  that  the  faculty  organizes  to  communicate  science  to  the  public  in  a  simple way  that  they  can  understand,  and  address  issues  which  are  important  to  them.  I am also a member of student counseling team affiliated with Career Resources Center – Egypt Scholars, to provide consultations to current and prospective students regarding studying abroad, hunting scholarships, admission requirements, academic/professional/industry-related issues, planning of future studies and other relevant issues via email and/or online webinars http://egyptscholars.org. Furthermore, I joined as a member in GYA the working group "Science education for the youth", to simplify sciences to children. I am also actively participating in a non-remunerated capacity building project for empowering young scientists; in which I participated as a speaker and consultant in "Scientific research and proposal writing workshop" held at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt in 2 November 2016, and  participated in the "TAs orientation day" by giving a session for career orientation of young teaching assistants in 2 August 2016, and as a speaker in a workshop entitled "How to avoid research misconduct" in 3 May 2017 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University, and as a workshop trainer at the Faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams University titled "How to write a winning research proposal".