Dr Mohamed Mahmoud

Dr Mohamed Mahmoud


National Research Centre

Water Pollution Research Department

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Work and Research

Mohamed Mahmoud is a Researcher at the National Research Centre (Egypt). He earned a B.S. and M.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Cairo University, respectively, where he graduated with within the top 5% of 1200 students. He earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Arizona State University in 2016, where he worked in a world-renowned research centre on biofuel production from waste streams. Dr Mahmoud is a long-term researcher working on water resources management, especially resources recovery (i.e., clean water, energy, and nutrients) from wastewater, and to address the sanitation issues in resource-poor, developing countries. His key research objective is to incorporate fundamental findings into process models for system design, performance prediction, and technology enhancement.

Fields Of Expertise

Wastewater treatment and bioenergy prodcution
Environmental Biotechnology