Dr Nkatha Kabira

Dr Nkatha Kabira


University of Nairobi

Department of Private Law

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Work and Research

My interest lies in challenging these conventional narratives by offering integrated approaches to the study of Commissions. I do so by exploring the multifaceted faces of Commissions and the different ways by which they create, deploy and develop their own laws and modes of legal and social thought; produce truth; and exercise, manage, institutionalize and professionalize law and power. I address them from interdisciplinary perspectives by incorporating literature from Anthropology, Social Theory, History, Critical Legal Studies, Political Economy and African literature. I use a combination of primary sources and secondary materials in achieving these goals. This holistic treatment illuminates the subject of Commissions in a way that is richer than is usually considered.

Fields Of Expertise

Law, Democracy and Governance
African Studies and Legal Philosophy
Gender and Women's Studies