Dr Nzweundji Justine

Dr Nzweundji Justine


Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies

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Work and Research

My research focus is on endangered Prunus africana, a plant with medicinal properties and has potential amongst other to treat diseases linked to prostate cancer. The aim is to develop a sustainable method of exploitation and propagation of high yielding species while conserving agro-ecological biodiversity as well as providing an alternative source of income for the local population. All my scholarly research has been done in collaboration with the local community, farmers as well as multiple science experts with a focus on the following axes: Ensuring sustainable production of the species which is an important source of cash flow for small farmers, as well as a source of herbal medicines nationally and internationally.

Fields Of Expertise

Tissue culture
Molecular Biology
biochemical characterization

Other Accomplishments

supervise and mentor graduate and undergraduate students on characterization of medicinal species as well as propagation using germination and tissue culture


Over the years, I have been Principal Investigator (PI)  on projects to improve Prunus africana  domestication via soil microorganisms, tissue culture, molecular characterization   for its better conservation.


- I am a 2011 UNESCO-l’Oréal fellow for my Doctoral research at the Tropical Research and Educational Center of the University of Florida as well as at Alabama A&M University in the USA.

- In 2015 I received the Award for Best Junior researcher at the Institute of Medical and Medicinal Research during the fifth edition of The Week of Excellence of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon 

- In 2016, I was the National Laureate and public prize winner of  “Ma Thèse en 180 secondes” representing Cameroon at the international competition in Rabat-Morocco

In 2017 I was a The World Academy of Science (TWAS-DFG) Fellow for postdoctoral research at Geisenheim Hoschule University in Germany


I am the Pioneer President of Cameroon Academy of Young Scientist (CAYS) and also a member of the Steering committee of the International Network for Government Science Advise (INGSA) Africa-Chapter. 


In order to have an impact both nationally and on the continental / global  level, I firmly believe that the future of Africa is in sciences and that is where I have been contributing my fair share to the noble task of nation building, one country at a time.