Dr Rene English

Dr Rene English

South Africa

Health Systems Trust

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Work and Research

I began my research career working on clinical drug trials. During that time I started my PhD and developed the first locally-adapted guideline for use by nurses. I was ahead of my peers in that I was one of the first of my peers to start a PhD, to work in public health and to develop a product that would ultimately be expanded and used in all health facilities in the country (now called PC101). I was the first of the team to qualify with a PhD. I then specialize as a Public Health Medicine Specialist and developed an initiative that would ultimately influence policy in the area of health management-the national standard operating procedures and layout of the national indicator data set was based on this work done in the Western Cape Province.

Fields Of Expertise

Public Health

My contribution to science and its impact on society

I have made contributions to advance science and/or its impact on society since I started my research career. My PhD was to test the validity of a respiratory guideline for nurses in South Africa.  It  was  the  first  guideline  of  its  kind  locally.  The  guideline  was  eventually  expanded  to include HIV and AIDS, and now includes chronic diseases of lifestyle and is called PC101. As a trainee  in  Public  Health  Medicine,  I  conducted  research  and  made  recommendations  for strengthen  health  information  management  systems  in  a  province  in  South  Africa.  Some recommendations  were  immediately  adopted  by  the  executive  and  ultimately  the  work influenced national policy. In the past month the province has asked me to assist with a similar project  drawing  on  the  methods  used  in  the  initial one  conducted  almost  ten  years  ago.  At Health    Systems    Trust,    the    following    research    outcomes/products    are    implemented nationally/provincially:  National  Health  Research  Database;  rationalized  registers  and  patient filing   systems;   competencies   assessments   for   facility   and   district   managers;   results   of community  health  worker  assessments.  The  District  Health  Management  Team  Framework has been adopted for recommendation nationally. I have co-authored and lead the production of  the  following  national  publications:  the  South  African  Health  Review  and  District  Health Barometer.