Dr Salerwe Mosebi

Dr Salerwe Mosebi

South Africa


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Work and Research

I completed BSc Hons in Biochemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand. This led to my continued interest in protein biochemistry for both myMasters and Doctoral studies for which I was awarded the AndrewMellon Foundation and the National Research Foundation Scare-Skills scholarships. My MSc work contributed to the determination of the firstX-ray structure of a protein molecule in Africa by Africans. Details of this work can be found in the following article:J. Mol. Biol.(2005) 349, 825-838.For my doctoral studies I worked on HIV/AIDS research.

Fields Of Expertise

Protein Biochemistry

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

From 2009  I have  been volunteering as part  of  the  team(all  scientists)  that visits various schools  around  Gauteng  (e.g.  Alexandra,  Brixton,  Boksburg,  Roodepoort  and  Vereeniging)  to help high school teachers with physical science and chemistry as it has always been my desire to  amalgamate  some  basic  fundamentals  with  relevant  applications.  This  work  involves the use of portable laboratory tool kits assembled to duplicate experiments performed in Grade 8 and  9  with  applications  in  industry  (e.g.  energy,  mining,  pharmaceuticals  and  sustainable technologies).I  have  also  been  actively  involved  in  HIV  research  for  the  past  12  years. The SouthAfrican government has, for example,identified the HIV/AIDS as one of the threats for an effective, cohesive and sustainable economy as well a constant feature of “systems failure” at various levels and as such, my work aims to make a tangible contribution in addressing this disease burden whilst promoting the notion of “science in and for society” and a pursuit for a prosperous and sustainable future.In particular, HIV-1 integrase research in South Africa is still underrepresented  and  for  SouthAfrican  researchers  to  compete internationally  in  this  niche area,  it  is  our  responsibility  to  take an initiative  to  steer  its  development.With  South  Africa having  a  shortage of  well-trained  researchers  in  the  field of  hard-core  and  sophisticated protein  research  in  the  areas  of  molecular  medicine  and  pharmaceuticals, I  believe  that  the supervision  and  training  I  offer  to  junior  staff  members as  well intern and  postgraduate students is in a small way contributing to the advancement of science in our society.This also talks  to the South  African  government’s strategic  goal  to  garner and  support  cohorts of  well-educated,  well-trained and  innovative  young  researchers  as  we  move  into  the  global  and competitive   science   systems.   As highlighted   above,   this   research   strives   to   promote knowledge-based economy and research-driven solutions especially in the area of HIV/AIDS by providing critical skills-set in the area of therapeutics, as a means to address the gross lack of capacity and skills