Prof Sameh Soror

Prof Sameh  Soror


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Work and Research

I started my research in Germany, where I studied for master and PhD degrees. My work was focusing on discovering novel enzymes of industrial activity. Then I joined Structural Biology Brussels laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher, where I worked on identifying the 3D structure of drugable proteins. I worked on several projects in cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies. Our research resulted in identifying new drug leads in different therapeutic areas. Currently I am working on development of new therapy for Hepatitis C virus, which is a national problem in Egypt, which is ranked globally number one in HCV infection. The prevalence of this infection in Egypt reaches 22% of the population.

Fields Of Expertise

Genetic Engineering

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

Internationally, I have led the global young academy for two years as first non founder co-chair, during these period the GYA has made strong participation as voice of young scientists around the world. As few examples, we participated in discussion of international science polices in meeting of global research council (GRC), UN-science advisory board, International council of science (ICSU), Inter-academy partnership (IAP). Supported the foundation of several national young academies, many of them were in Africa (e.g. Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal...etc.). We organized the first regional meeting of national young African academies of sciences in Nairobi in 2014. I participated in drafting a statement on global research and a letter for the UN-secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to comment on a report of imminent person on SDGs.Nationally, I am the founding director of a center for scientific excellence in the area of structural biology and drug designing Egypt. It is the first of its kind in Egypt and it will allow Egyptian researchers to participate actively in this field. I am one of the co-founders of Egyptian young academy of sciences (EYAS). Through EYAS, I participated in organizing several events to promote science education and advice science policy.