Prof Samson Khene

Prof Samson Khene

South Africa

Rhodes University


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My research field is in the area of physical chemistry where I study the use of phthalocyanines as nonlinear optical limiters, optical sensors and as electrochemical sensors for the detection of pollutants in the environment. Examples of the application of this research range from protecting pilots from blinding laser light to boosting telecommunication systems. To date I have published a total of 35 research papers in international Journals (with impact factors of ranging from 1.4 to 13) and 1 book chapter. I have also been selected to attend 9th HOPE (in 2017) meeting in Japan (2016) NRF Y rated researcher with H-index of 13 (scopus) and 15 (google scholar).

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Physical chemistry

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

As part of my contribution to the advancement of science I have consistently (for 5 years) been involved in serving as a judge for Eskom Science Expo for the Eastern Cape region (held at Rhodes University in Grahamstown).   I have presented to school students at the Eskom Science Expo, encouraging them to take up science at university.  My research group and I volunteer throughout the year to teach Maths and Science to school children in Grahamstown through the Khanya Maths and Science club led by the Rhodes University chemistry department.  I also serve as a reviewer for international journals such as the Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Material Chemistry A, Journal of Porphyrins Phthalocyanines, Royal Chemistry Advances, and Inorganica Chimica Acta.