Dr Seblework Mekonen Shegen

Dr Seblework Mekonen Shegen


Addis Ababa University

Water and Health

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Work and Research

My research is focused on the agricultural and public health use of chemical pesticides, and their impact on the environment and human health. After field applications of chemical pesticides, their trace amounts remain in different environmental matrices such as water, soil, and food. I have made an extensive assessment of residues of pesticides in food. Assessment of the residues of chemical pesticides was done on the commonly consumed food items and on cash crops used for export to investigate the impact on quality as well as the country’s economy. As consumers’ exposure to pesticides is not only from food but also from drinking water and investigated pesticide residues in drinking water. My other area of research is consumer risk assessment by combining residue and consumption data using a Monte-Carlo simulation model and @risk Statistical software. On top of that, I have investigated how household food processing helps to reduce pesticide residues. This is believed to be important developmental research at the national and international level to enforce policy and look for alternative pest control mechanisms and new strategies. My research outputs are relevant to ensure health, safe agricultural activities, and promote environmental safety. Moreover, I was the winner of the 2018, Early Career Women Scientists (ECWS) fellowship award funded by UNESCO/ IDRC. Based on the fund I obtained, I am leading a project on “Persistent Organochlorine Pesticides in body biomarkers and Risk of Breast cancer”. This study will give an immediate response to many women exposed to pesticides at agricultural farms and greenhouses. Together with my colleagues, I have also undertaken studies on COVID-19 pandemic. In general, I have more than 25 publications and two additional accepted in international journals and I am now working as an Associate Professor in Addis Ababa University one of the top ranked African Universities.

Fields Of Expertise

Health Risk assessment
Public Health
Food Safety