Prof Sunday Atawodi

Prof Sunday  Atawodi


Ahmadu Belo University


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Work and Research

Professor Atawodi has made exceptional contributions to solving the problem of cancer by developing biomarker-based micro-analytical techniques that are sensitive, reliable and amenable to large scale epidemiological studies geared at drastic reduction of tobacco-related cancers. In addition to establishing sources of exposure of Nigerians to carcinogenic N-nitrosamines, mycotoxins and their precursors, he discovered and phytochemically characterized Nigerian plants containing specific chemical substances with potent capacity to prevent cancer and other oxidative stress-associated diseases like diabetes and hypertension. He is currently involved in establishing colon cancer chemopreventive potential of local food stuffs using animal models

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Sunday Atawodi

Professor Atawodi has mentored 29 MSc, 11 PhD and hundreds of biomedical scientists at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. He is a mentor, on behalf of the Nigerian Academy of Science for young Scientists in Federal Government College, Zaria. A winner of the research support prize by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany in 2005, Professor Atawodi is a co-grantee of two world Bank-STEP B Projects worth $248,000 each. He has established exposure of Nigerians to carcinogens and Nigerian diets that have potential to chemoprevent cancer, thus providing information that has wide ranging public health impact. He is a Fellow and Member of Council of the prestigious Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), an organization that is promoting science at all levels in Nigeria