Dr Temitope Oloruntoba Olomola

Dr Temitope Oloruntoba Olomola


Obafemi Awolowo University


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Work and Research

My research is on the Chemistry - Biology interface, and is geared towards using basic synthetic chemistry tools to find solutions to the poverty related diseases, particularly endemic to Africa. Current retro-viral research work involving rational design of hybrid molecules has so far unveiled some lead compounds with dual-action HIV-1 inhibition potentials. The ability of these compounds to target more than one active site in the HIV-1 virus is looking very promising. I am also involved in the design, synthesis and evaluation of some antisickling compounds targeted at solving the sickle cell problem ravaging Nigeria and in turn Africa. Current efforts are directed at synthesis of novel coumarin derivatives that are capable of reversing the sickle structure of red blood cells.

Fields Of Expertise

Synthetic Organic Chemistry