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Work and Research

I recently graduated and earned a Ph.D. in materials and environmental chemistry from the University of Cadi Ayyad, Morocco. My research, conducted in collaboration with the University of Toulon in France, focuses mainly on the development of ceramic membranes (derived from fly-ash and clay) for the filtration of wastewater using biological materials. Of particular interest is wastewater reuse in irrigation and material recycling towards overall environmental footprint reduction. Earlier, I served as an intern at the University of Pisa’s Department of Chemistry (Industrial Chemistry Laboratory), where I worked on the effects of organic waste on the porosity of manufactured ceramic membranes. I have facilitated and was involved in several youth-led processes at the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, UN, International Water Association, Rotary and other international Organizations as a Young Professionel Researcher. My articles have been published in leading journals. My research has also attracted a number of awards and has earned me regular invitations to speak at scientific events in Morocco and abroad.

Fields Of Expertise

Ceramics membrane
Wastewater treatment
Industrial waste recycling