Dr Yonas Shikur

Dr Yonas  Shikur


Addis Ababa University

Wood Technology Research Center

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Work and Research

My first experience in carrying out research began when I was doing my undergrad senior seminar project. My major research experience, though, has come through after I joined Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute working at Forestry Research Center (FRC). Since then I have accumulated a strong background in several research fields and have developed a strong research foundation that helped me to ensure my success as a young fellow scientist. At FRC, I worked under the guidance of senior staff and successfully established provenance trial serious of different species at four for sites. From this work, I obtained an intense introduction to field research. My graduate work at Addis Ababa University, I have gained additional experience in laboratory.

Fields Of Expertise

Forest Research

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

Considering   my   research,   teaching   and   community   engagement undertakings,  I  have  contributed  something  to  brought  impact  on  the  society.  When  I  was serving Wolkite University I have been engaged in different activities with meaningful impact. A  case  in  point  is,impact  I  brought  through  education  (both  of  students  and  of  the  wider public),   mentoring   young   faculty   and   undergrads.   I   have   been   supporting   enthusiastic colleagues who wish to take up a career in my own field of specialization or a related field, by helping  them  in  a  project  or  connecting  them  with  a  better  experienced  person.  Another contribution  is  the  role  I  have  played  in  collaborations  with  different  partners  working  in diversified field of societal problems via community engagement programs. In that light, I have contributed   to   transfer   knowledge   to   practical   applications.   Provision   of   technical   and administrative assistance to the needy persons in my institution where I  had  better exposures freed  up  them  to  spend  more  time  on  the  core    issues  and  be  productive.  I  also actively participated in various professional association and forums related to my field.