Prof Derick de Jongh

Prof Derick  de Jongh

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership

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Work and Research

I am the Director of the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership. I completed my DCom in Marketing and Communications Management through the University of Pretoria in July 2003. The title of my dissertation was: Indicators of Corporate Social Performance in South Africa.

Fields Of Expertise

Industrial Psychology
Marketing and Communications

A Summary of my Career

My experience in the banking Sector for 12 years led me to the realisation that the business sector can  and should play a significant role in the development agenda of SA and the African continent. The praxis though for SA business operating in a very challenging socio economic and environmental landscape, is how to maximise its influence for the betterment of society including the natural environment. The tension that exists for business to “do good” and still be profitable at the same time represents an immense amount of energy that if utilised in a constructive manner, can result in creative opportunities for business and the ability to mitigate important risk implications. T his realisation led me to use my personal passion and energy about the role of business in society, to establish the Unisa CCC and subsequently the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership, which has already become synonymous to thought leadership in the area of corporate citizenship and leadership in SA and beyond. Tertiary institutions can and should play an important role in the corporate citizenship and responsible leadership discourse. The condition however is for Universities to remain relevant and responsive to a fast changing social and environmental business landscape and to fundamentally translate these challenges into research and education opportunities. What made me successful so far is my experience in the corporate sector and my good understanding of the business sector’s challenges in the area of corporate citizenship and responsible leadership. I have over the past 10 years succeeded in building lasting personal and institutional networks in the field of corporate citizenship and responsible leadership. I am passionate to create learning opportunities through research and education in building individual and institutional capacity, enabling individuals and businesses to realise their power to make a difference in society. I see my role in the future in continuing to build the emerging body of knowledge in responsible leadership. This I will do by influencing and shaping curriculum to be more responsive and relevant in broader society and to continue doing relevant research that will inform strategy and practice of globally responsible leadership.