Dr Fahimeh Jami

Dr Fahimeh  Jami

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

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Work and Research

My scientific research began in the area of identification and taxonomy of endophytic and pathogenic group of fungi called Botryosphaeriales. This group of fungi do not usually cause disease symptoms on their hosts, unless the hosts are predisposed through environmental stress, such as drought, hail, wind, frost or insect damage. Typical disease symptoms associated with Botryosphaeriales are canker and die-back. So during my studies toward PhD degree at Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology institute (FABI) in University of Pretoria, South Africa, I studied the Botryosphaeriales on a native tree, Vachellia (Acacia) karroo, in South Africa. Afterward, I did one year postdoc at University of Pretoria with the goal of publishing the two last chapters of my PhD thesis.

Fields Of Expertise

Taxonomy and Ecology
Plant Pathology

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