Dr Farshad Barzegar

Dr Farshad  Barzegar

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

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Work and Research

My research plan was improving the energy storage device for all types of applications. During my study, I tried to find the best material for energy storage application/Supercapacitor. After I study and find some promising material, I tried to find and make safe electrolyte for their application. My goal is to make a new energy storage device base on a combination of Battery and Supercapacitor to improve energy and power density of the stored energy devices. For this propose, I finished my study on supercapacitor and joined CNES at the Department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering that can help me to make a real device base on my goal and test them in a real application.

Fields Of Expertise

Nano Carbon Technology - Physics
New Energy Studies
Energy storage applications - Supercapacitor

Research Profiles


I completed my bachelors in physics from the Islamic Azad University-Shiraz Branch. I obtained my MSc and PhD from University of Pretoria, in 2014 and 2016, respectively, with a focus on Nano-fibers (For the M.Sc) and nanostructured materials for energy storage applications (for PhD). In my doctoral studies, I have worked extensively on carbon and other relevant materials for improved energy storage applications and have acquired exceptional skills in materials synthesis, characterization and device fabrication.

As a follow-up to that, I was offered a postdoctoral fellowship in the physics department where I continued in the same area of application.  After that, I have joined the Centre for New Energy Studies (CNES) at the Department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering at University of Pretoria, as Senior Researcher. My work there involves researching into new hybrid energy storage device that can solve the energy efficiency and energy storage problem that economy face it at moment and the outcomes of these studies have resulted in a number of publications in a prestigious journal in the field.

I invited as a keynote speaker in EMN Meeting on Energy Storage (2017), Invited as Lead Guest Editor for a special issue of the International Journal of Polymer Science (2017) and I act as a reviewer for several reputable journals such as Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Electrochimica Acta, Arabian Journal of Chemistry and Journal of Energy Procedia and this is an indication of familiarity and appreciation of my work so far by the international community in my area of specialisation. Also, I'm the professional member of South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) AND I accepted as Tuks Young Research Leader Programme Fellow for 2017. I received University of Pretoria research development programme fund to start my new research on Hybrid energy storage application in a smartphone. The research will benefit from supercapacitor technology and will bridge the gap between the laboratory technology and industry section in South Africa in the field of energy.