Dr Farshad Barzegar

Dr Farshad  Barzegar


Queens University

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

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Manufacturing Supercapacitor | Energy storage | R&D Engineer I have been working in the electrical energy storage field for more than 8 years with a particular focus on supercapacitor and Battery devices and their applications in real life. As part of my research, I have been developing SCs as a potential device for hybrid energy storage systems applications. Currently, I am investigating the hybrid energy storage systems application that could probably solve the overheating and explosion problem associated with the batteries. The output of my research has the potential to catalyse greater synergy between the researcher and the relevant industry for a new generation of energy storage devices.

Fields Of Expertise

Nano Carbon Technology
New Energy Studies
Energy storage applications - Supercapacitor

Research Profiles


I am a young researcher experienced in materials science and engineering with applied physics related to nanoelectronics and energy storage application, electrochemistry and electrical engineering research related to energy storage devices.