Dr Ines Gasmi

Dr Ines Gasmi


Institute of Arid Regions, Medenine Tunisia

Eremology and Combating Desertification

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Work and Research

Since I am a young researcher from a country that suffers from water shortage and the direct impact of climate change. I am trying to find a solution to protect soil and water resources, so.I have studied different techniques of Rainwater harvesting and other techniques for soil and water conservation to insure a long term rainwater reserve during severe drought. But during my PhD that I will defence it in the next few months I have focused on irrigation water conservation and the dynamics of water, heat and fertilizers in the soil mainly in the plant root-zone with the use of new local irrigation technique that can help to get more production with less water, with the concept of "more crop with less drop".

Fields Of Expertise

Hydrological modeling
Soil science and soil protection
water management