Dr Martin Coetzee

Dr Martin  Coetzee

South Africa

University of Pretoria


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Work and Research

As a biologist with strong background in microbiology and biochemistry, it is difficult for me to pinpoint precisely what my interests are. However, in the last few years I have discovered that some research areas interest me more than others. Such areas include the mechanisms involved in the evolution of organisms, the dynamics of speciation and the phylobiogeography of taxa. I am therefore involved in research projects of diverse nature, all motivated by “the pleasure of finding things out”*. My current research projects and activities can be grouped under the following headings; Taxonomy and phylogeny of Ganoderma and Phellinus species from Africa, Phylogeography and evolution of Armillaria species, and Genomics and genome evolution of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Fields Of Expertise

Evolution of Organisms
Dynamics of Speciation
Phylobiogeography of Taxa

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