Dr Nasima Carrim

Dr Nasima Carrim

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Management Studies

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Work and Research

I commenced a PhD (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) in 2010 and graduated in 2012. The PhD was completed in 3 years, record time. I have also received the 2013 Emerald African Management Research Fund Award and a certificate of merit for teaching excellence and innovation in 2014. I also have a number of publications and book chapters.

Fields Of Expertise

Industrial Psychology

Research Profiles

My vision for the future of research at UP and how I will contribute to this development

I believe that South Africa has great potential in terms of its diverse population. Currently in my diversity management classes I am trying to unite students in learning to accept and respect differences (race, gender, sexual orientation etc.) so that they will be better equipped in the future to handle diversity. I also  believe that each student is a potential future leader and as such I try and build confidence in my students and create a platform of mutual respect for diverse views. I encourage such behaviour through allowing students to present their views to large classes through class discussions and presentations.