Dr Thierry Hoareau

Dr Thierry Hoareau

South Africa

University of Pretoria


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Work and Research

Following the completion of my PhD in 2005, I developed a solid experience in evolutionary genetics by working in various organizations in both academia and the private sector.My skills combine both strong theoretical and experimental components at the front-line of the discipline.Today, I lead a successful research team in marine genetics,associated with the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Programme (MEEP, Dept. Genetics, Univ. Pretoria, South Africa),and comprising a technician and several postgraduate students.The team is financially independent, and despite the modest resources (USD47000 over a 5 year period), we are producing high standard scientific outputs which are competitive internationally.

Fields Of Expertise

Evolutionary Genetics
Marine Sciences

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

In my view, advancing science and its impact on society have four pillars: 1) improving the link between science and society, 2) generating knowledge in line with the needs of the Society, 3) strengthening scientific network, and 4) developing scientific capacity.The Forum in African Marine Science that we recently created(August 2016)was built around these four objectives. Besides being an inaugural member and raising awareness around the initiative (e.g. scientific article), I am also contributing by improving scientific network and capacity. I have been training more than 20 postgraduate students since the completion of my PhD, always giving them the opportunity to explore their potential. I often take opportunities to develop discussion groups around concepts, methods, theoretical or empirical questions with students and academics from other teams or other departments. I have been committed to advance the knowledge of my peers through a journal club and a series of workshop in evolutionary biology at the University of Pretoria.