Dr Thulani Hlatshwayo

Dr Thulani Hlatshwayo

South Africa

University of Pretoria


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Work and Research

I was awarded PhD in Material Science/Solid State Physics in 2010 by the University of Pretoria. In the same year I was full time employed as a lecturer and promoted to Senior lecturer January 2015, with a Y2 NRF rating. During the years of my studies I have worked in two fields of physics, i.e. Nuclear Physics research (M.Sc) and Material Science/Solid State Physics research (PhD). I have learnt how to solve problems and perform experiments both independently and as part of a team. In my PhD thesis entitled, “Diffusion of silver in 6H-SiC”, I investigated the diffusion of silver in 6H-SiC at various temperatures.

Research Profiles

My vision for the future of research at UP and how I will contribute to this development

With the aid of this program, I foresee myself as leader of research group with a respected NRF rating. This will play a major role for the University to continue being a leading university in science in South Africa and the world. This program will provide more collaboration networks which will lead to a better opportunities to attract funding and postgraduate students.