Dr Vinet Coetzee

Dr Vinet Coetzee

South Africa

University of Pretoria


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My research interests are focused on developing affordable, non-invasive measures of health. More specifically, as Principal Investigator of the Facial Morphology Research group we study how facial structure, colour and other non-invasive measures give us an indication of direct measures of health, such as Body Mass Index, diet, cardiovascular health and immunity. I obtained a Y1 rating from the NRF and was selected as a member of the Royal Society of South Africa and as a 2017-2019 Next Einstein Fellow.

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My vision for the future of research at UP and how I will contribute to this development

The tendency of South African researchers to work in isolation is one of the major hurdles to UP's vision of becoming a leading research-intensive university. Older researchers are often reluctant to collaborate. The good news is that the tide seems to be turning, thanks to efforts such as TYRLP and IFNuW funding aimed at young researchers who are willing to collaborate. My vision for the future is large national and multi-national collaborations addressing Africa's complex problems, with South Africans firmly at the helm. I also wish for more open dialogue and acceptance across disciplinary boundaries. I will contribute to this future by maintaining and expanding my existing collaboration, keeping an open mind in transdisciplinary discussions and by focussing my research efforts to find affordable solutions to Africa's health problems.