Dr Carene Picot-Allain

Dr Carene Picot-Allain

South Africa

University of Mauritius

Agricultural Production and Systems

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Work and Research

Dr Carene Picot-Allain holds a BSc (Hons) in Food Science with Nutrition and a PhD in Biochemistry. She is currently in the area of food biopolymers. Her postdoctoral research at the University of Pretoria focuses on the extraction and characterisation of natural biopolymers, namely, pectin, micro and nano cellulose, from agro-industrial wastes, such as, grape pomace, grapefruit peels, and sugarcane bagasse, using the principles of “green chemistry” and “green technologies”. It is expected that the development of valuable biomaterials from agro-industrial wastes will help mitigate environmental concerns related to waste disposal and pollution. The research is transdisciplinary as it involves food chemists, chemical engineers, and polymer chemists.

Fields Of Expertise

Food Science
Food Biopolymers