Dr Daisy Chioma Onyige

Dr Daisy Chioma Onyige


University of Port Hartcourt


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In 2007, after I had been awarded my PhD in Sociology, I was among 20 young African scholars who were recognized and selected by the Global change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START) to undertake a two week vigorous advanced training at the Advanced Institute for Global Climate Change and Vulnerability of Water Resources in the Context of the Millenuium Development Goals. It took place at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands. The training involved mostly natural scientists, since very few social scientists at that time in Africa, except geographers,were interested in climate change. I was one of the few sociologists in Africa at that time that took an interest in climate change.

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My contribution to science and its impact on society

I am a sociologist by training but a multidisciplinary researcher by training. My research affects almost  every  facet  of  man  in  his social environment.  One  constant  variable  in  my  scientific research  is  my  interest  on  gender  issues  in  Africa.  I  have  a  particular  interest  on  women  and vulnerable people and poor rural people in Africa. This has been a recurring theme in most of my  research. My  contributions  to  advance  science  in  my  field  are  that  my  recommendations are  being  used  when  making  policy  relevant  documents.  Gender  issues  are something  that developed  countries  of  the  world  take  very  seriously,  and  it  is  something  that  is  still underdeveloped    in    Africa.    As a    member    of    some    working    groups,    such    as    the intergovernmental  platform  on  biodiversity  and  Ecosystems  services  (IPBES),  my  work  on Africa  is  being  included  in  policy  documents  that  can  be  used  by  African  Governments. Furthermore,   I   have   a   website   on   climate   change   and   environmental   issues   in   Africa (www.africaclimatechange.com) which seeks to engage scholars in Africa who are researching on  environmental  issues  such  as  climate  change,  as  well  as  bring  about  solutions  and knowledge that can be used in tackling such issues.