Dr Fawzi Mohamoodally

Dr Fawzi  Mohamoodally


University of Mauritius

Health Science

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Work and Research

Fawzi’s core research has been geared mainly towards documenting the use of complementary and alternative medicine and traditional knowledge pertaining to the use of medicinal herbs/food plants from Africa in a view to convey accurate scientific data back to the local people and the scientific community. He also endeavours to develop bio-products geared towards novel applications of traditional underutilised food plants having significant therapeutic and nutritional properties to address global health, wellness, and food security issues. He is presently collaborating with private companies to translate his basic research into commercial products.

Fields Of Expertise

Medicinal Plants
Biochemistry and Pharmacognosy
Complementary and alternative medicines

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society


Fawzi holds a first class BSc (Hons) Biology with Environmental Sciences, following which he secured the competitive Tertiary Education Commission postgraduate national scholarship to read for his MPhil/PhD in collaboration between University of Mauritius and TWAS-accredited H.E.J Research Institute of Chemistry and Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicines and Drug Research, Karachi, Pakistan. He is the Head of Department and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences, Board Member of Association for African Medicinal Plant Standards and has been nominated as the TWAS-ROSSA young Affiliate (2012-2016), member of the Global Young Academy (2013-2017), recipient of the Young Promising Scientist from Mauritius to attend the  TWAS/BVA.NXT Biovision 2012 Egypt and the ASM Leadership grant to Boston, USA (2013). He has secured more than 36 fellowships and selected among the top 25 Young Scientists to attend ‘Food Future- ICSU meeting in Italy and nominated as Young Ambassador, member of the Young Leader’ Circle and currently Country Ambassador to the American Society for Microbiology. He was recently selected to lead a team from Mauritius to particpate in the Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in Africa program, at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education in 2016. Fawzi has authored 179 scientific publications (107 full scientific papers in ISSN/impact factor journals, edited 4 academic books, 28 book chapters, and 40 abstracts) in international/national conferences. He has also secured more than 35 fellowships/travel grants to attend international seminars, teaching tool workshops/conferences; namely the International Brain Research Organization sponsorship to attend neurosciences schools in Africa (University of Cape-Town (South Africa), Fayoum University (Egypt), Rhodes University (South Africa), and Reunion University (France)) and the SAN-Bio (Nepad) workshop (South Africa), Global Knowledge Initiative (Uganda), Turkish Society of Pain, (Istanbul-Turkey). In 2011, he was invited as a key speaker at the 14th Asian Chemical Congress (Bangkok,Thailand);  ASM GM (Boston, USA), the ICAAC meeting in Colorado, USA (2013) and 6 strategic meetings in Washington DC, USA (2014-2015). He was recently invited to the commonwealth conference (Bangalore) by the Royal Society, UK, the Young leader session with Nobel Laureates at the STS forum, Kyoto, Japan (Oct 2015) and Fellow of African Science Leadership Programme 2016-2017. He is presently the Principal Investigator and co-PI of 6 research grants/consortium regionally/internationally. He has organized/instructed >15 international/ national workshops/training courses in Germany, Italy, China and USA.

Presently, Fawzi is the scientific editor and reviewer of > 50 peer-reviewed international scientific journals. He has been nominated and chaired > 36 national/international committees: executive member of the National Pharmacovigilance Committee, Ministry of Health & Quality of Life (MOHQL- Mauritius); National Research Foresight Exercise (MRC-Mauritius), Ayurvedic Committee and a technical member for the innovators award IV by the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council. He was the chairperson of African Traditional Medicine (ARSO-MSB) from 2014-2015. Fawzi is an active researcher and the principal supervisor of >100 undergraduate, 6 MSc, 6 MPhil/PhD completed PhD projects working on medicinal properties of functional foods/medicinal herbs.