Dr Ghada Bassioni

Dr Ghada Bassioni


Ain Shams University


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Work and Research

I am currently a Professor and the Head of the Chemistry Division at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt and Bureau Member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC as well as Member of the Egyptian National Committee of Pure and Applied Chemistry, ASRT, Egypt. I have dealt with a big variety of topics in chemistry related subjects and have over 70 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and am a reviewer to a number of renowned scientific journals. I was awarded Fulbright, NEF and L.A.B. Fellowship and am Alumna of the Global Young Academy.

Fields Of Expertise

Organometallic Chemistry

Research Profiles

My contribution to science and its impact on society

I  lead  several international  collaborations between e.g. The  Petroleum  Institute  (PI)in  Abu Dhabi,  UAE and  the Technical  University  Munich  (TUM)  in Germany;  the  Ain  Shams University  in  Cairo  Egypt  and  the  TUM  as  well  as  several  collaborations  on  a  national  level through  my  appointment  at  the  Egyptian  Ministry  of  Scientific  Research like  Egypt-Germany, Egypt-Italy, Egypt-Japan, Egypt-South Korea and Egypt-Russia. I  have dealt  with  a  variety  of research areas as  inorganic  chemistry, organometallics  and magnetic  materials, physical  chemistry and  interfacial  science  phenomena  in  the  field  of construction materials as well as petroleum chemistry  and flow assurance. In the last 5  years  I committed myself to work on the national priority areas ‘water-energy-food’. Through the focus by  media  and  newspaper,  several  publications  had  a  significant  and  direct  impact  on  societal behavior related to the use of aluminum cookware and it’s connection to Alzheimer disease. Moreover, I  have established  research  facilities  (The  Center  for  Applied  and  Environmental Chemistry (CAEC) at  The  Petroleum  Institute  that  helped  Abu  Dhabi  National  Oil  Company  in oil field testing from 2007-2012.Working  on  gender  related  issues  as elaborated  in  Section  2  are  recognized  among  several societies for my contribution as a role model in Egypt, Germany and the UAE.