Prof Hassna Chennaoui

Prof Hassna  Chennaoui


Hassan II University


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Work and Research

I began my research career on noble gazes geochemistry in Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6 University on the solubility of noble gazes in silicate liquids, from 1986 to 1992. I returned to Morocco and got a position as assistant professor then Professor at the Hassan II University of Casablanca, geology department. On 2000, I changed my research specialization to study meteorites: there is so many meteorites collected in Morocco that it became the most important place in the word on meteorite collection. Many valuable meteorites has been found in Morocco, one of most famous martian meteorites fall occurred in Morocco on July 2011.

Fields Of Expertise

Noble Gas Geochemistry

Research Profiles

Hassna Chennaoui

 I introduced Meteoritics in Morocco and showed the importance of studying meteorites and planets as analogues to the proto-earth. I proved that all meteorites accepted coming from Mars has actually a Martian origin by studying the latest martian fall “Tissint”. We found the 4 first impact site in Morocco. All these research activities have a scientific impact and a social impact since meteorites and impact craters are an important part of geoheritage in Morocco. I classified all meteorites falls in Morocco since 2004. I got important scientific expertise positions in the Meteoritical Society as member of the Nomenclature committee, then member of the council of this prestigious institution. The confidence of my peers in proved by the acceptance of the society that I organize the 77th Meteoritical Society meeting on September 2014 in Casablanca Morocco (for the first time in an Arabic country). It was a successful meeting with 420 participants including 40 NASA researchers.